Hybrid Dentures

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Hybrid Dentures

For patients who are missing most or all of their teeth, there are a number of tooth replacement treatment options available. Although dental implants have become the gold standard for replacing teeth, not every patient can afford them. This is why many people choose hybrid dentures to replace full rows of teeth in a more affordable way.

Benefits of Hybrid Dentures:

  • Permanently fixed in mouth

  • More affordable

  • Easier to maintain

What are hybrid dentures?

Hybrid dentures, sometimes known as hybrid implant dentures, are dentures fixed onto dental implants. As with conventional dentures, hybrid dentures utilize a complete set of prosthetics for the replacement of entire rows of teeth. Where they differ from conventional dentures is that hybrid dentures use a set of four dental implants, which are metal posts fused to your jawbone.

If you get hybrid dentures, the implants would be supporting a metal bar anchored to some acrylic teeth. This bar is fixed permanently in one location, meaning that your dentures will not be moving around. In fact, they can only be removed by a dental professional.


Although dental implants are the superior tooth replacement treatment choice, they are quite expensive, putting them out of reach for many dental patients. Hybrid dentures are very popular because they provide a high-quality option for tooth replacement for those who cannot currently afford implants. Since only four implants are needed, costs are kept lower.

Easier Maintenance

Regardless of if you select dentures, implants, or hybrid dentures, you’ll still need to practice proper oral hygiene so that your teeth remain in good condition. Some tooth replacement options are too much of a hassle for busy people. Some types of dentures must be removed and cleaned on a regular basis, for example.

In contrast, you can clean hybrids with the very same techniques you use with your natural teeth. So say goodbye to denture adhesives, denture creams and denture cleaning liquids.

Dental implants rarely break, but when they do, they tend to be time-consuming and costly to repair or replace. In contrast, if a hybrid denture breaks, it can be repaired more easily.

Implant Placement

Receiving hybrid dentures begins with dental implant placement. Your dentist would place dental posts made from titanium directly into your jawbone to provide a solid anchor point. These posts replace your natural tooth roots, encouraging your jawbone to fuse around them.

Once this process is complete, typically in a few months, you would return to have an abutment structure placed over the dental posts. Finally, your dentist would place dental crowns on top to serve as a biting and chewing surface.

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